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Digital Marketing Channels
Digital Marketing encompasses different types of digital channels that can be used to create brand awareness and increase brand loyalty. It also enhances brand visibility and creates a positive impact on the customers. Digital Marketing encompasses different channels such as Internet, TV/DVD/CD, Mobile Phone and Video.

Internet has the potential to reach anywhere on the planet. Almost everyone today accesses the internet via their PCs, Smart Phones and mobile devices. Therefore, the key to successful digital marketing lies in developing a strong Internet presence by using the various web channels and search engines that are available. Examples of these are Email, blogs, articles, press releases and social media networking such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Digital Marketing is the element of online marketing that uses online and web-based digital technology like desktop computers, smart phones and other electronic media and interactive platforms like webcams, touch screens, tablets, laptops and other portable devices.

This enables the company to know its consumer segments and gain new insights. For example, TV advertising is a form of digital marketing as it reaches the broadest possible audience at the most convenient time. TV advertisement displays messages like product launch dates, advertisement prices and promotional offers to the audience in the format of commercials on prime time television. This helps in creating brand awareness in a targeted manner as the audience is exposed to the message at that very moment. In the case of print media, digital channels include Internet marketing, mass mailing, direct mail and brochure distribution.

Social Media allows users to post comments, suggestions, ideas and other comments on services and other applications. These allow users to interact with one another and build community within the platforms. Social Media usage is becoming increasingly popular with traditional advertisers as well as digital marketers. Digital marketers use social media platforms for content creation, market research, customer tracking and other purposes. The platform allows the easy exchange of data and allows the users to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) helps organizations by improving the visibility of websites in the SERPs through different search engines. Organic search engine optimization usually leads to higher organic traffic which results in more visitors and leads. Organic search engine marketing platforms include pay per click advertising, search engine optimization and social media marketing. Affiliates or publishers who bid for keywords or ad spaces on a website benefit from this benefit. Other digital channels include RSS feeds, podcasts, video channels and social news websites. E-mail marketing campaigns are also executed through digital channels as this process makes it possible to contact clients on a regular basis.

Digital marketing campaigns need accurate understanding of target customer’s behavior. Marketers study market behavior, customer preferences, patterns and trends and develop customized campaigns according to these factors. Conversion to sales and profit is a key measurement of success for traditional marketing campaigns and digital marketers measure this using customer satisfaction surveys and reports. Marketers use the collected data to understand where improvements need to be made and to implement strategies that improve conversion to sales.

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